Intelligent Conversation

“One of the biggest predictors of career success is verbal fluency.”

Bernardo Carducci

You probably already use English on a regular basis particularly in your professional life and know the technical jargon of your industry. At your level on the career ladder, it has become less about proving your competence and more about relationships. This is true with the people you lead, the people you might report to and the people you do business with.

Every business deal, just like every love affair, begins with small talk and intelligent conversation. It helps form bonds and kick-starts relationships. It builds trust and goodwill and there can be little doubt that people prefer to do business with those they feel a connection with.

ICE is an acronym we use here for what we do. This stands for Intelligent Conversation in English and is designed to refine your language skills and broaden your horizons. Ultimately it means that you are not only confident in the meeting room, but also in the conference coffee break, at the business lunch and even at your next interview.

Intelligent conversation is more than interesting. It is a powerful ingredient in creative thinking and problem solving and helps build strong relationships with colleagues, customers and acquaintances. Feeling confident enough with your English to take part in sophisticated, spontaneous discussions is also, of course, highly enjoyable.

The way we do this is to deliver memorable programmes that encourage not only language acquisition, but also cultural empathy, critical thinking, creativity and collaborative problem-solving.

With a maximum of 4 guests, our intimate online environments focus on a range of skills, topics and outcomes designed to capture the imagination, provide meaningful learning and be the catalyst for intelligent conversation.

Explore our site and see if what we are doing resonates with you. We hope it does and we would love you to join us soon. And why not join our LinkedIn group?

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