About us

Our background is in international education and between us, we have more than 100 years experience. We work with businesses around the world, language schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities acting both as consultants and content providers.

One element of our portfolio was our Intelligent Conversation which was and continues to be, offered to international executives to help them develop spontaneity, confidence and eloquence in English. However, beyond the language development, feedback showed us there were other benefits for participants.

Without exception, everyone commented on what is best described as the ‘feelgood factor’. Initially, guests had come not knowing quite what to expect and with a focus on their English. In reality what they enjoyed was the social interaction, the sharing of ideas and the opportunity to talk about and think about topics and concepts that wouldn’t normally arise. They enjoyed the challenge and the collective experience.

It is our belief that the exact same experience can benefit all of us.

We simply want to do things that we believe people want and that we are confident will be both interesting and beneficial. We want things to be personal, we want things to be useful and we want everyone involved to enjoy the time spent with us.

We offer authenticity and unique content unseen anywhere else; we offer flexibility to suit your lifestyle and we offer the opportunity to make connections in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

Think of us as your ‘mental gym’ where you can come to exercise your brain and hone your communication and thinking skills. Just like a gym, you can decide how often you come depending on your personal aspirations, but you can be sure that you will always be welcome and that you enjoy the experience.