An ICE event is a congenial hour of intelligent conversation presented in five sections to explore a variety of subjects and skills: 

Media Perspectives

Creative Enquiry

Philosophical Approaches

Ethical Debates

Critical Thinking

Your host will guide the investigations and conversations so everyone can relax and enjoy sharing ideas in a comfortable, stimulating and enriching atmosphere. During each event, you will delve into the recent news as well as timeless issues, apply classic theories as well as modern thinking models, and discover new ways of expressing yourself in more sophisticated, spontaneous English.

The extemporary nature of ICE events will develop your confidence thinking, listening and contributing in the kinds of unexpected and often complex English discussions that can arise during dinner parties, business lunches, conference coffee breaks, open interviews, social occasions, client meetings, etc. 

Cultured, nuanced communication in English is a highly valuable part of the skill set in a broad range of professions including business, medicine, law, journalism, academia, diplomacy, and a lot more.

You will get to know your host and the other guests in a safe and welcoming environment of intellectual and emotional proximity that also gives you space to think and practise articulating those thoughts. Your host will provide plentiful feedback and advice on your English and events can be recorded to watch again later. You need only bring enthusiasm and open-mindedness; your host will give you everything else you need.