An in-house event is held at a time to suit you. It lasts for 60 minutes and can accommodate 4-6 people from your company. The small group size allows everyone time to contribute and for the conversation to flow. The experience is delivered online via Teams or Zoom.

Attending one of our events is a bit like going to a dinner party with friends. It is an opportunity to put work to one side and discuss an eclectic range of topics and deploy a set of communication and thinking skills. However, although each event is unique, we have a structure for each hour. Now, we don’t want this to seem intimidating or la-di-dah but at the same time, it is not just chit-chat. Our events are there to broaden horizons, think in new ways and challenge the brain.

Your host will guide the conversations so everyone can relax and enjoy sharing ideas in a comfortable, stimulating and enriching atmosphere. During each event, you will delve into the recent news as well as timeless issues, apply classic theories as well as modern thinking models, and even discover new ways of expressing yourself.

The unique nature of our events means that apart from being enjoyable, an additional benefit is many people find they develop their confidence thinking, listening and contributing in the kinds of unexpected and sometimes complex discussions that can arise during dinner parties, business lunches, conference coffee breaks, open interviews, social occasions, client meetings, etc. 

You will get to know more about your host and the other guests in a safe and welcoming environment of intellectual and emotional proximity that also gives you space to think and practise articulating those thoughts. You need only bring enthusiasm and open-mindedness; your host will give you everything else you need.

Here is an example for you…