Here are some of the more common questions, but if you need answers to anything else you are welcome to email hello@themondialexperience.com

What is a Collective Connection event?

At an event, there is an introductory talk from a subject-matter expert on a topic of interest followed by conversation around that topic guided by a facilitator or host.

What sort of people attend these events?

Enthusiastic, curious people who like to experience new challenges, relish intelligent conversation and believe in their ability to develop and improve.

But what do I actually do as a guest?

When you attend an event, you will start by listening to an expert talk about a specific topic. Afterwards, in your group and with a facilitator, you will discuss, analyse, dissect the topic using a range of approaches and again your role is to bring curiosity, enthusiasm and an open mind.

How do I join an event?

Once we have received your booking and payment, we will send you a Teams or Zoom invite. You will simply click that to join the other guests at the agreed time.

How often can I attend an event?

There is an event every week, 4 per calendar month.

Do I have to have my camera and audio on?

Ideally, yes. We are all adults and we can’t force you but clearly, if we are all having a conversation and one person is a blank and/or silent presence, then you are not really part of the group. This isn’t an hour for lurkers but a time to contribute.

What do I get out of this?

We hope you will enjoy the shared experience and the interaction with other people. We expect you to be exposed to ideas and themes that you may not encounter in your daily life. You will find yourself thinking about things differently, expressing yourself out loud in new ways and gaining from the perspective of others. It is a positive experience that brings people together and gives the brain some exercise.

Can you give me a special price?

We offer the same level of quality and service to everyone and for that reason, everyone pays the same price.

How can I pay?

Our preferred methods are PayPal or bank transfer. All we ask is that payment is made in full prior to your chosen event.

I am not sure about my internet connection/device what can I do?

Although you can use a smartphone, we strongly recommend a laptop or PC for the best experience. You need to check that you can access a Teams or Zoom event.

What’s the secret to good roast potatoes?

A hot oven, boil the potatoes first, rough them up in a colander with some flour and seasoning, then pop them in the oven for at least 45 minutes with goose fat.

What happens if I am not happy?

Talk to us and let’s work together to find a solution. If we can, then that’s perfect and if we can’t then we will refund your money.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please email hello@themondialexperience.com and we will get straight back to you. We can then either deal with your queries like that or we can arrange to meet online to discuss further.