Interview Skills

The following topics are available and are described in greater detail in our online brochure:

CV Writing + Cover Letters  

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the most important document (along with your cover letter) in your job search and is the first impression you give to prospective employers. It is estimated that decisions can be made in 7 – 15 seconds so everything you do needs to ensure that your CV demands greater attention.

Behaviour + Competency

Behavioural or competency-based interviews are increasingly common and work on the basis that your past experiences will dictate your future actions in similar circumstances. The challenge is knowing what you might be asked and then being able to respond in a structured manner. Behavioural questions are looking at your previous actions in a given situation while competency questions seek evidence of your skills when performing a specific task.

Common Questions + Great Answers

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in there are some questions that we can all expect to face when being interviewed. Although we can’t predict with 100% accuracy the ones you will be asked, we can make sure that you have great answers to the most common including the tricky ones.

Presentations People Remember

For some interviews, you may be asked to give a presentation and that might need to be from 5 – 30 minutes. This is your chance to impress but you need the right tools, the right message and the right delivery.

Mock Interviews 

Get ready as we will throw you in at the deep end with a mock interview using, for example, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams or Skype. 

You might face questions about your CV, common and tricky questions, competency questions and the interviewer may even go off-topic. Feedback and suggestions will then be provided.

If you are not sure which areas you need to focus on, please contact us at and we can discuss your situation and make our recommendations.