What happens at an event?

Each event lasts for 60 minutes and is run at a time to suit you. It takes place on either Teams or Zoom and up to 12 people can participate.

The host, or facilitator, will introduce the topic and everyone will watch a short recorded video of about 10 minutes. This will be an interview with an expert on a particular subject.

After the video, the facilitator will lead and guide the discussions and this may involve using a range of skills. The essential idea is that having discovered new information on a topic, guests are given the opportunity to discuss it in a range of different ways and able to connect with the other members of the group.

Watch this video to learn a bit more about what happens at an event

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The benefits of taking part in these events are numerous but some of the key ones include discovering new information, experiencing new perspectives, building connections, feeling listened to, gaining motivation, feeling part of a community and developing communication and thinking skills.