Collective Connections

It is worth pointing out at the start that none of us are experts at everything and the aim of what we do is not to highlight shortcomings in knowledge or make people feel their opinions don’t matter.

In fact, the exact opposite is true. The goal of each event is for all of us to discover something new about a topic from a subject-matter expert and then discuss together in small groups with a friendly facilitator who can guide the conversation, encourage contributions and allow everyone the opportunity to listen and be listened to.

Our personal circumstances do not prevent us from being part of this collective experience, making connections with others developing our awareness and knowledge on a topic.

Nobody is expected to make rousing Churchillian style speeches, we are not taking part in a debate at Oxford University or in the House of Lords. We are simply a group of people who enjoy the idea of learning about something new and then talking about it together.

The environment is one which is safe, friendly, supportive and you can spend an hour discovering something new and feeling connected to a community that shares the enjoyment and benefits of good conversation.